First Kisses

Although the time for last kisses is not yet upon me, at least not today or tomorrow it would seem, the days of first kisses are behind me. I am with a storyteller, a spell-weaving, place-conjuring lover and she is all the kissing. But still, there are echoes and lessons to be learnt from kisses, from first kisses especially and these lessons are perhaps not to be found in any other place. Consider your early first kisses. Nervous and breathy, raids with uncertain outcome, tumult and diving headlong out of the present moment into an unknown future. But later, if the tapestry of your life happens to take you down these paths again, a first kiss can be seen approaching, can be held in cupped hands at the cusp of its emergence, nose to nose, breath mingling, lips like snowflakes in the moment before they melt at your touch. Then, just then, and you can squeeze your whole self into the present moment , stretching Now’s supple skin to a warm, finite forever.

Then again, not all kissing is of lips…

Below the Waterfall
The river and I had been aware of each other for many weeks before this morning. In the heat of summer she has been scantily clad and transparent down to the rich green weed and rocky bed of rapids. I tried not to stare. But I could not help noticing the sudden deeps and marking the current-smoothed hollows cut under bends and trees. In a daydream I ran my hand down the rapids below the bridge and wondered at the dark shadows of the pool below. She flowed on, went about her business of fish and dipper, stonefly and nymph. She rarely met my impudent eyes. Then last night the first of the summer rains came in earnest and the sleek water-lung of our small valley took a long breath and swelled up over wagtails’ perch rocks and into the low branches of leaf-heavy trees. This morning she started to settle back and I went down to her for the first time with intent. I held the slightest wand of a fly rod and the merest hint of pale dry fly that I tied many years ago. We did not look down or away as I dropped the tiny fly onto the fast water below the waterfall that gives our house its name.

3 comments on “First Kisses

  1. I read it over and over again, and each time it feels more idyllic.. Thank you for sharing these soul-feeding words.

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